Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bitter Sweet

(family photos from 2011 by CakeFlix)

lots of changes going on in our circle of friends, family and in our home. some sweet, others bitter, and a few, bitter-sweet. i can't help but thank God for the things that are being revealed. if i weren't a believer i know things would look grim but since i know "all things work together for good for those who are called according to his purpose"--things look hopeful.

one of the sweetest encouragements has been a dear sister returning to the Lord. she was sought after by our church members with love and truth. after the Lord tugged on her heart, she returned! a real life prodigal son/daughter. her story is so beautiful and inspiring. it was beautiful the way our church loved her but with true biblical love. it wasn't what people stereotype a church excommunication to be; we didn't "kick" her out because of sin, we loved her and persuaded her to come back to the Lord and forsake her sin. we told her the truth-- of what they are choosing and the lie they are believing. it was done biblically, all done in love. it might not seem loving by some people's standards but we obeyed God's standards. we were honest about what scripture said but we still spoke with the love of Jesus. we prayed and tried (by God's grace) to mimic our Lord.

other big changes are coming that we are really excited about but sad at the same time. i'll try to be more specific in the coming weeks.

Off topic...we need to take family photos soon! City wasn't born in these yet.

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