Friday, September 19, 2014

Smile Moment

Have a great weekend!

this has been a joy to listen to and so engaging. everyone should listen to it!

my grandma isn't doing well. our hearts are aching. mine aches for her salvation.

finished this book with pj; we found it helpful and insightful.

i've wanted to share our homeschool method (classical education) and the curriculum we use.

these are so comfortable! debating whether i should save up for some. i have cheap-o ones for house slippers (since I need arch support and have foot problems now--i'm getting old!) i bought some real ones at a thrift store when I was pregnant with City, thinking my fat foot would didn't. I sadly, but happily, gave them to my friend, who has cute small feet :)

lots of great homeschooling ideas and printable here!

i have a job! i'm tutoring Key's class every Monday. i'm exhausted after, but it's super fun!

pj and i had one of the worst date nights hahaha!

this movie looks good and funny. I love kristen wiig. this one looks sad and interesting! i think i like ben affleck in these types of movies.

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