Friday, October 31, 2014

Good bye.... for now

CrossView is gone. God's not gone. CrossView will no longer meet together. God and his people will meet in the New Heavens and New Earth. CrossView won't continue the work of the ministry in Los Angeles. God will continue the work in Los Angeles and all over the world.

I'll miss you CrossView. I'll miss the strong fellowship. I'll miss us guarding the communion table. I'll miss the hard conversations that are uncomfortable but so freeing. I'll miss serving in the city with you. I'll miss the hard laughs on Friday nights. I'll miss my home being a mess and y'all gladly cleaning up. I'll miss the fun interactions and the moments you understand that PJ and I are dorks who LOVE to laugh. I'll miss the cries and tears. I'll miss the sleep overs. I'll miss the premarital couseling. I'll miss the I'm not- ashamed- to- talk- about- real- marriage- with- you. I'll miss the biblical counseling. I'll miss singing "Oh, praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead." I'll miss the CrossView weddings. I'll miss your interactions with our kids. I'll miss the singles bringing around "prospective courtships." I'll miss disagreeing with you. I'll miss our member meetings. I'll miss when some of you ask visitors if they're "members of another church?" I'll miss the men meeting at our place. I'll miss riding my bike to Shatto. I'll miss the 5 minute sharing after the sermon. I'll miss having communion together every week. I'll miss potluck. I'll miss teaching the kids class. Ill miss each of your faces at Shatto.

Thank you.

Thank you for growing me. My marriage. My family. And most importantly my walk with The Lord.

It's funny how some of our friends whom we haven't updated are contacting us concerned with what happened to CrossView. We are assuring them that we did not disband because of any sinful reason--there was no church split. In a nut shell, PJ thought it be best if he found a place where we can be provided for and have more partnership-- whether in LA preferably, or outside of the city.To be quiet frank, I was feeling discouraged because of the lack of members coming to live in LA despite the constant encouragements to come and live here (our original vision). Even the members that did live here, at one point, moved out of the city. We weren't forceful in trying to argue our case of why members should come and live here--we wanted them to move here because of conviction not be we coerced them. God ultimately said no. So we decided God is closing this door and opening another. There's a few details I'm missing but that could be talked about in person and made clear. But in a nutshell, this is what got the conversations off it's feet.

I wanted to be clear to PJ and CrossView-- I would happily stay here in LA if PJ perceived God was giving him a deep conviction to stay here, then I'd follow and understand God's call on him. I wanted to be careful with my words.

God really just set things up for us. I don't know why. Was it our time to leave? Was it time to dust our feet off here? I don't know. But as far as God allowed PJ and I to examine our hearts to see if there was any sinful reason of why we were open to leaving....we could not find any. we wanted to be very careful with our hearts.

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