Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Smile


this week has been a little crazy with Key being sick and vomiting all over the place :( thankfully she's been a trooper and taking her little bucket with her wherever she is.

praise God i just got the itch to cook again! i have been cooking but with no real pleasure in it. i really think its the weather change--fall and winter are my favorite! now it's time to fatten up and hibernate:) our place lacks central air (i know, what a baby i am) so cooking is a hassle when its hot. made this simple cake and topped it with a brown sugar crumble = coffee cake. tonight i'll be making chicken pot pie.

we bought this book last month and hopefully we'll read it soon. their promo video is too cute. i love their cause in making this book.

this looks amazing. a cook book....i love cheese!

it looks like a bunch of the newbies at FSBC will be in a musical! me too!

our cousin just got engaged and we're ecstatic! she's all grown up :(

i've been looking for a sofa high and low. for years it seems. looking for these things and a budget friendly price tag. 

i tried making these earlier this year but i'll need to make another using her technique.

danika's death memorial is coming up soon and it just brings up so many emotions and memories. we all miss her so much.

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