Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kids Thanksgiving Craft and Story

Happy Thanksgiving! 
The kids made these "suspicious turkeys" just in time for the holidays. We were calling them suspicious because they really do, don't they? The kids soon began making up a story to these suspicious turks (not a racist comment!) and that is how this story came into fruition...(craft idea from here)
Agent X, Y and S gathered at the Turkey Headquarters for a debriefing.
They'd be in the sky to their next assignment as soon as the subject was verified.

Contact made! Let's go!
The agents flew high, fast and stealth.

 They landed and had a visual on the enemy.....

Mr. Owl and Dinosaur Dragon! Fierce creatures who sought to take over the world.
There plan of attack was just about ready, a few minor changes then destruction!

 The turks plan of action: get in close then, a surprise attack.

Right above them and they weren't even detected. 

 Ahha! where do you think you're going Mr. Owl and Dinosaur Dragon?!

 Ouch, we didn't see that coming! Don't get too confident Dino Drag....

 Regroup Agent Turks! Let's stick together and attack.

Now you're surrounded. Give up and surrender!
Oh, no?

Ha! Enemy down. 
But wait where's Mr. Owl? 
Long gone I bet.

 Back to headquarters!

Debriefing and our next plan of action in acquiring Mr. Owl.
He won't stop till he's caught.
Till next time....
The End.

 Introducing: Agent X
Agent Y

and Agent S

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