Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a decade of sweet friendship

we celebrated our 10 year anniversary! i was super exhausted after the two day fiesta but definitely felt thankful throughout the celebration. 10 years is a big deal around here, well, at least for us it is. but when we are around our church family 10 years is just the beginning. our longest marriage in our church is 72 years! and all around us there's a plethora of wisdom that pj and i haven't tapped into yet...maybe in 40 more years?

as i reflect on our marriage, i can't help think of the marriages i see at our church that portray what marriage can look like in the long run. there seems to be a lot of: sweetness, playfulness, faithfulness, physical pain, and a pleading with God. the last one stands out. what i mean by that is, they seem to know-- know deep inside themselves-- that they can plead with God in prayer because he answers them. maybe a certain closeness to God because of the years walked with him. i'm not sure but i'm trying to watch and learn from these saints who know more about life than i do.

10 years together has been hilarious, fun, frustrating, eventful, sweet, deep, loving, spicy and much, much more. he truly does complete me. my weaknesses are his strengths and my strengths are his weaknesses. God has blessed us with a deep friendship and with kids that have strengthened us as humans and as believers in King Jesus.

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