Monday, June 22, 2015

It's been awhile

i didn't like this space for awhile. it made me nauseous. now that i'm out of my first trimester things are looking a little brighter.

i felt cooped up in my own body! i had ideas and things to write about so my head wouldn't explode but felt too tired and sick to express anything.

so much has happened that i can't keep track of everything. majority all good, praise the Lord.

we're in our new home and things are feeling a little more settled. it wasn't feeling like home for awhile but just recently it's feeling better--not home yet--but better.

summers here which means the kids are out of school, thank God! i needed a break, and i know they did too.

our 10th anniversary is coming up this thursday!!!! i'm not sure what we're doing yet (we both aren't planners:) but spontaneous is the way to go!

yesterday we celebrated father's day and i was reflecting on how God has been so gracious and kind to me. i found an old, handwritten list of all the things i wanted in a godly husband and i dedicated it to the Lord. i prayed over the list and asked God to please answer my prayer. he did! i'll have to share it after our anniversary. on the list was that he'll "love children." pj definitely loves children--you can tell, he wants lots of his own! i love him SO much!

 can't believe we'll have 5 kids!

 foods i'm craving.
 our new living space.
abba and his fam.


  1. Congratulations Frances! I totally miss you guys, so crazy there's going to be a 7th human added to your beautiful family!!! but oh my goodness, i was totally thinking of you during my first trimester, because I remember when you pregnant with City that you had really bad morning sickness. I can't believe you went through that 5 times! I was sooooooooo miserable, I never want to go through it again, hahaha :T your new home looks so cute, I am excited for this new chapter that is unfolding in your life!

  2. Frances, congratulations! Another blessing :-). We wish you were closer so that we could still see you at CC days next year. Nathan enjoys playing with Rock. So happy to have discovered your blog :-). Love, Chenning



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