Monday, January 25, 2016

Around Here #7

it's been difficult lately. reed is precious and she's high maintenance! its true what they say-- every child is different. the other four, as babies, we're self soothing. this factor came in extremely handy as i home-schooled and needed some cushion room to teach and still care for a newborn. reed loves to be in the sling and only in the sling. if she's not in there her time alone is short-lived. some times i cry and feel so overwhelmed. then there's days that the circumstances have not changed but i feel God's grace calm my weary soul. don't get me wrong she's a huge blessing! we love her forever and cant imagine life without her but i'm human and i get overwhelmed too. even as i type this i'm struggling to keep her content as she's already well fed, changed and sleepy. but i lover her and she's worth the struggle:)

1. sometimes running a mile outside is our p.e.

 2. a new headband

3. our home in the process of becoming our home.

 4. fitting in science experiments with a new born can be a challenge.

5. school on my bed has been a frequent.

 6. oh city you're a ham.

 7. we are loving our church work days

 8. city's signature lip pose

 9. visiting the broad

10. the kids appreciating contemporary art

i celebrated my birthday with friends, music, and encouraging chatter. i was so blessed and refreshed. i love how God brings people into your life that are sources of fresh air. i love them all dearly.

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