Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TOP 10

the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over. by the way, i love this chilly time of year, maybe everybody does juxtaposed to southern california's past summer!

at the end of the year new toys come in from family and friends so we purge out the old, or highly unused, and make way for some new. the forgotten toys i pack up and store and in a few months i bring them out-- abandoned toys into new toys!

there's some toys that get used frequently, i mean the kids forget about them for a few days but then, there they are, pulling out those same ol' toys. many times things become toys : )

here's a few that have stuck with our family. but every family is different, so what are yours?

1. blocks
via diapers

2. legos
via wikihow

3. super hero costumes

4. small action figures
via amazon

5. hot wheels
via walmart

6. paper. yes paper

7. kitchen toys

8. string. yup.
image via wikipedia  

9. a bedtime soft toy
image via amazon


10. cloth!
via joann

something we've been doing lately--celebrating boredom. when the kids complain about being bored we celebrate. i tell them "thats awesome!" and

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