Friday, April 21, 2017

church family

what does the church look like to you?

it varies from church to church but would you say they are family? would they be thicker than blood?

the new testament church was not a sunday only affair. in the book of acts (acts 2:42-47) they devoted themselves to God's word, broke bread, prayed, and helped each other. they loved each other well, so well that the outside world wondered what was going on.

when you live life with your church family you feel encouraged and refreshed. when you live life with your church family you sometimes step on people's toes. A month ago i felt like i was stomping on people's feet! i failed several times in loving people correctly. i had to ask a dear couple for forgiveness because i assumed and i had to ask another dear friend for forgiveness because i came off frustrated towards her. fail. fail. fail. i felt super dumb and super small. it was good though. they were all kind in forgiving me and i was so thankful for our bond in Christ. i was thankful that we were in agreement--when we sin, we ask for forgiveness and we seek reconciliation. no brushing it under the rug. no laughing it off as the pain stings. no bitterness beginning to form. just acknowledgement of our short comings and extending forgiveness because Christ forgave us. this is a church body i am proud to be part of: where we boast in our weakness because we show how much more glorious Jesus Christ is.

thank you bethany baptist church.

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