Tuesday, March 7, 2017

conversations on racism

pj and i recently had a dinner date with a few couples. after we headed over to a coffee shop for some good conversations. our dear friends are those type of people you can talk about anything with, so i came with a loaded question.

"what are your thoughts when people say a black man is speaking white?"

the conversation lasted about 2 hours. it was such a fruitful back and forth exchange. a few take a ways that our friends preached.

these type of race questions need to be talked about in discipleship contexts.
how wonderful it would be for Christians of different ethnic backgrounds coming together to talk about presumptions, hurts, and inquiries. how can you truly understand your black friends fear of law enforcement if you don't know their story. you still might not understand but at least it gives you ears to hear. pray God makes you sensitive as you listen and agree or disagree. its ok if their is push back since we are all different and come with our own backgrounds. be loving as you push back. ask your friends to help you reiterate their positions as you chew on their story and scripture.

get out of your comfort zone.
if all you have are same ethnic group friends, or lack another ethnic group, then go make friends who don't look like you! this could sound a little weird in your mind. "Ok, so I need some Mexican friends." but yes, why not? loving all people allows you to grow in sensitivity toward them.

praise God for churches that are striving to understand our fellow brothers and sisters who have stories to tell.

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  1. Thank you, Sisquita, I enjoyed reading this. I'm inspired to offer more "ears to hear" to friends of different backgrounds. Keep on!



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