Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Ocean Blue Wedding

I had an opportunity to shoot one of our church families wedding in May,  what an honor! It was hard, being the only shooter, and not to mention, the time of day was not picture friendly (noon!) But God was kind and allowed me to do what I needed in order to give them some pictures that were adaquate!

Jennie and Carlos have a powerful Gospel story, and because of that, they were allowed to enter into covenant with each other, knowing that their greater covenant is with Christ Jesus!

Here is their story:

Father God, continue to build this couple in understanding who you are and who they are in light of your son, Christ Jesus. Help them to build their marriage on the truth of Christ, so that no person, or trial can separate them. May they pour into loving each other and their children for the sake of the Gospel and may they love you first so that they may truly know how to love each other.  In Christ name, Amen!

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