Wednesday, February 5, 2014

10 Months

Wow, we totally skipped 3 months of this gals life on the blog :/ I'd search for photos of the missed months of City, but that's too much work! We'll just have to enjoy those moments privately :)

PJ and I are absolutely dumbfounded at this little girls power over us! We say she has secret powers over us-- How does she make us miss her after she's been napping in her crib?! We just saw her ! When she wakes up, it's like unwrapping a christmas presents all over again! I know you parents, know what I mean. Babies are amazing, aren't they?!

We call her the "experiment baby" for several reasons.

She hasn't really ate solids until now, I read the benefits of it and said "Sure, we'll try it."

She still scoots, but noticed she'll crawl on all four on carpet...sometimes.

She performs for us.

She's in the separation anxiety stage--no fun.

Her bottom two teeth are out and now her top tooth is peeking.

She loves hummus, quinoa, plain Cherrios, and bread.

She's loves cruising and occasionally she stands on her own.

Her favorite toy for the moment, is her Elmo cell phone.

Still refuses other liquids. Only wants my milk.

She loves her Abba. She showers him with "besitos" (kisses).

She understands certain signs (sign language).

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