Monday, February 3, 2014


There's different parenting milestones you have that make your heart so happy. We feel them at different times, like when we give birth, the baby's first smile, baby's first word, first step, uses the potty for the first time, writes his name, reads on his own, etc.

As I sat there in my seat, at Rock's recital, I was so nervous! I felt SO proud of my little man. I couldn't believe he was actually brave enough to learn his song and play it for a packed house! I'd heard the song countless times, as I'd beckon him every morning to practice, but it was different. Such a new feeling of accomplishment. At that point, I understood why some parents live their dreams through their kids. There's a joyful feeling that can be overwhelming. PJ and I both have to remind ourselves to not be a parent that lives through our kids, but I understand a little more of why some parents do. They aren't trying to be mean or over-bearing but it really comes from a joy and love for the child, but unfortunately it becomes idolatrous. So before I frown on such parents, I must remember the strong temptation to do it.

PJ and I are on the same page regarding our kids learning the piano--they'll have no choice. Not because we are being mean, or trying to live through them but because it's good for them to learn. So, what if they say they don't want to? In our home they'll still have to. Kids don't quite understand regret too much and they live more for the moment. We've talked to numerous friends who's parents either allowed them to quit or didn't allow them to, and hands down they all say the same thing--either, "I wish I hadn't quit" or "I'm so glad my parents forced me."

Two highlights- Rock was the first one up (my heart was racing!) and after he was done he looked at the audience which unintentionally signaled us to clap! It was so cute! The second was, after he was done he got up and bowed and walked precious! It's funny because we had a conversation on the way to the recital about how he should bow. He wanted an example so he can mimic it. Once we got out of the car I quickly showed him and then we scurried off to the recital. He nailed it :)

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