Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is usually on family day and this year was no different. I almost skipped the kids little "love packages" from us but I just couldn't do it, I had to muster up something quick! Thanks to good'ole Pinterest, I got great, quick, DIY ideas. I made the girls "love" necklaces, out of wire (Story broke hers :/) and I made Rock simple, cute wooden arrows. Thankfully they were a hit and I was happy I didn't bail on the yearly love packages. I made PJ a simple canvas with a favorite quote of ours from "The Lion Witch and The Wardrobe." And he wrote me a poem... I love his poems! I have a collection of them that I need to somehow display. I have some up in our room bulletin board but I need something more creative. When he proposed to me he did it through a poem and it was so wonderful, thoughtful, and creative.

We bought the kids a little $1 mailbox from Target, and attached it next to their bedroom door in preparation for Valentine's Day, but now they want letters from us ALL the time! It's fun seeing them get so excited over little letters to each of them.

I secretly love Valentine's Day. I usually hear people dis it and say things like "Why should I just love and shower that person with gifts only on Valentine's Day?" I would just say, "Yeah don't. Shower them on Valentine's Day, the day before, 10 days after, 3 months after, and tomorrow!" Just think of it as a Reminder Day--reminding lovers to appreciate each other throughout the year.

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