Monday, February 24, 2014


When PJ has a speaking engagement up North, we happily accompany him. It's so nice to be in the forest with no internet, and phone. At first it's annoying but then you get use to's nice to unplug and enjoy nature!

Rock went on a hike with PJ. He was so excited. It reminded PJ and I that Rock needs to be more outdoors and doing things like hiking. Now, we're checking into some organizations like Boy Scouts and others.

The people we meet and (re-meet) are great. It's so encouraging to see eyes light up when they hear God's truth and it beckons them to change their life for the sake of the Gospel! Many good and insightful conversations Up North. Last years trip here.

We got to have lunch with Melody and Taylor. It was short, but sweet. We miss those two. I wish they'd move back BUT I know God has them there and is working in them there.

We had quite an adventure with our church family member, Sally. Sally is full of adventure all the time. It all worked out that she drove home with us. It was a good time in the car and like always, she's helpful and great with the kids. We love her.

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  1. awww! we were so blessed to see you guys and sally too! :) thanks so much again for visiting!! I love these photos of the redwoods, I
    ll have to visit one days. looks so calm and peaceful. that bow and arrow picture is so cute, haha



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