Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Twenty-thirteen was a good year. We added to our clan with Miss City Danika Tibayan, she entered our world and had our hearts! Watching our children become older the day they met City was precious and sad--To see them grow up and enter a new stage of life had mixed emotions. Here's a quick short review:

  • All our kids were blessed with another year. 
  • PJ and I celebrated our 8th anniversary with a low key dinner (since I was 2 months postpartum). 
  • We were blessed with a trip to one of our favorite cities
  • My baby sister became a mom. 
  • My brother in law became a dad. 
  • My other brother in law had his fourth... We were racing :) 
  • Homeschooling got a whole lot more interesting!
  • Family vacation was local and not as refreshing as we expected. Now we know for 2014 :)
  • Our first time in Palm Springs.
  • Blessings/praises, trials/sorrows, but a beautiful display of Christ and the Church at CrossView.
  • Another year we all missed our Danika terribly. 
  • Our nephew Niko became famous!
  • We had our first ALONE date night, without City, a few weeks ago. Due to her not taking any bottle, we had to take her along :)
  • Rock started learning to play the  piano, Key is extremely flexible and got her ears pierced, and Story got her first hair cut
  • My Lovely, PJ is still pastoring CrossView and we are encouraged at what God is doing with our church members.
  • I'm busy with being a wife, mommy, and faithful christian (by God's grace!). There's never a dull moment in the Tibayan household :)

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