Wednesday, January 25, 2017


after the lovely husband being gone for school we had the privilege of attending a retreat he was speaking at a few days after he arrived home. the group was lovely and couldn't have asked for a better group to get stuck up the mountain with. i wanted to take the kids up to the snow for a few years but couldn't make a game plan. thankfully this trip was exactly what we all needed. 

what we all didn't expect was for us to be right in the middle of a blizzard! according to locals the weather had never been that bad. we had to stay an extra day because the roads were closed. sooooo because we had enough snow to last us for 10 years, i am in no hurry to scurry up any mountain for a long time. 

since we were all cooped up in doors in a small place, it gave pj and i good discipleship moments with the kids. even our own hearts were tried and tested. thank God for grace. 

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